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Ana Sousa

I Am a Creator!


One of my names is Ana, and I currently live on the beautiful island of Madeira. (Portugal)

Born in the north part of continental Portugal (Espinho, near Porto), I have also lived in Lisbon, worked and travelled all around the country. (mainland Portugal, Madeira and Azores archipelagoes)

I love to be in nature, move around and show all the incredible spots and landscapes, as well as the delicious flavours and beautiful colours of this magical island and other places that I know well.

Dragon Eyes is the Vision that inspires and drives me to create significant and magical experiences for me and others, especially related to trips and adventures in Portugal, namely  in Madeira and Azores (S. Miguel) islands.


If these destinations are somehow appealing to you, I'll provide the right conditions and support, so that the trip or adventure can be created in different ways, according to what may serve You better on Your next Creation.

If this resonates with You, will you allow me to support You on Your New Creation? 

Just Choose Your Next Creation!

Are You ready to go Beyond?

Madeira Island, Portugal

Tel: (+351) 916008232 , anacastrosousa@gmail.com

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